Frailty Nurse


“Arranging the needs of the elderly,
to keep them in their homes for longer”


If you answer 'Yes' to any of these questions, then we can help.

• Are you worried about your ageing parents or loved ones?­

• Can you see they’re becoming increasingly frail and vulnerable?

• Are you busy juggling family and work commitments?

• Feeling overwhelmed with the challenges ahead of you?

What we do best

We support people like you – the families and friends of older people – to keep them safe and independent in their own homes for longer. That’s because home, is usually where they feel most happy, comfortable and secure. We understand that.

Sometimes though, it’s hard for older people to admit that they’re now struggling with everyday tasks. Like looking after themselves, getting dressed, washing themselves, eating and drinking and getting around.

It can be tough for you too. Especially if you’re the one providing most of their personal care. You’ll be more than likely trying to juggle taking care of the family, keeping your own home in order and a busy job. We realise too, that you have a social life and want to get out and about and see your friends – without feeling guilty about not having the time to visit your parents or relatives.

This is where we can step in. We carry out independent care assessments. By spending one-hour with you and your relative, we’ll have a good understanding of what support your loved one needs. Families work with us because we know where to go for that support, how to get it and what benefits you’re entitled to. Saving you precious time and money.

How it works

We’ll visit your loved one in their own home to carry out our independent care assessment – usually with someone from your family or a family friend. During the assessment, we’ll find out how they’re managing everyday tasks.

We take a holistic approach. What this means is we assess everything from their physical safety, including any risks, to their emotional and social needs as well as their overall wellbeing. We’ll look at what support they need right now and recommend a care plan that works best for them – in line with their wishes – and your own.

To find out more, please call Aimee Soar on 07783 223512 or email